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Healer and medium for humans and animals


I listen and let the heart speak.

Together we bring the inner and outer universe into harmony.

Body, consciousness, mind and soul come into harmony.

I accompany all living beings on their personal healing path.


I see you and your animal as a whole and support you with your individual life issues.


As a healer and medium, I support the health of and harmony between animals and humans.


I look forward to our harmony journey together.


What is a healer?

The aim of your inner healer is to restore balance in your body and promote well-being. She is part of your being and can also use her abilities to support other people and animals.

What is a medium?

A medium is also part of your being. She communicates with spiritual or mental realities and can also use these abilities to receive messages from animals and other beings. Telepathic animal communication is part of her abilities.

What is healing?

For me, healing means becoming whole and refers to the process of restoring health, well-being and balance on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. The healing process is always individual.


What does Jiyuma mean?

The term "Jiyuma"(pronounced Dschi-juma) came to me in 2017 and consists of the Japanese words for "freedom" (Jiyū) and "horse" (Uma). Both are important components of my work and the term has strongly influenced my path to this point.

Healing session for humans and animals

A healing session includes the currently appropriate energetic healing impulses for the respective living being and healing conversations (animal communication or soul talk).

The targeted application of healing impulses and conversations increases physical, mental and emotional health. The energetic system of the body is activated and balanced, which supports the healing process and general well-being.

The healing works on the 5 levels of the individual (human/animal): Soul - Body - Mind - Consciousness - Whole being.


Here are a few examples of possible contents of my holistic accompaniment:

  • Animal communication (animal) and soul talk (human or free soul)

  • Medial body therapy (mobilizing vertebrae, joints, organs, etc.)

  • Releasing emotional blockages

  • Power animal messages

  • Harmonizing meridians and chakras

  • Energetic scar removal

  • Quantum healing

  • 5-element therapy

  • IHT tapping acupressure

  • Healing signs

  • Essential oils

  • and more...

To find blockages, I use my spiritual senses and kinesiological muscle testing. Subsequently, I have a variety of energetic therapy methods (see above) to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. I treat all living beings (humans, dogs, horses, cats etc.) by means of remote treatment. All therapy techniques are used according to individual needs. A treatment protocol is sent by e-mail or information is communicated by voice message/telephone.


Book your appointment now

Would you like a free consultation about my services? Then contact me in the same way and we will discuss the possibilities of my support.

Energetic healing sessions, animal communication, soul conversations, counseling and support for humans and animals.

> Registration and personal arrangements: via E-Mail

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